Bob Staley Cartoons

Why is growth being represented as a cheeseburger?What's frozen and needs to be thawed out? Who's sitting at the desk and why does he get hit by the ball? Why are people so happy about the new firestation? Look at the different ways that the cartoonist suggests getting around the train tracks? What will an underpass on Cemetery Rd do for people? Who is Father Time and why is he in this cartoon? What does the snowball represent? Can the skier keep things the way they are in Northwest Franklin County?

Bob Stailey spent a number of years drawing political cartoons for The Hilliard Northwest News.  He became interested in cartooning as a young boy, and began as early as nine years old, creating cartoons and comic strips.

Bob graduated in Journalism from The Ohio State University in 1941 and was editor of The Sundial humor magazine while on campus.  After college, he began drawing cartoons for some local papers such as The Clintonville Booster, The Dublin Forum, The Villager and The Hilliard Northwest News.