Hilliard Consolidated School

Architecturally Significant Landmark Buildings
Hilliard Consolidated School (now the Masonic Hall)
Main Street, Hilliard, Ohio

If you travel down Main Street in Old Hilliard, you will see the consolidated school building.  This historic building was built in 1878. It was called a consolidated school because it combined both black and white students in one building. Before this, they went to different schools. 

The four-room brick school held all grades from kindergarten through grade twelve.  After a new High School was built in 1904, the school was used only for elementary students until 1918.

At that time, the building was bought by The Masons, an organization that provides community services and a place for friends to gather.  The building is still owned by the Masons today.

Only a few changes have been made to the original building.  The brick on the outside has been covered with stucco.  Stucco is a material similar to concrete that is spread over the brick and then painted.  This gives the building a smoother appearance.

Adapted by Bill Wheeler