Dr. J. W. Renner Residence and Office

If you travel to 5281 Norwich street in Old Hilliard, you will see a home built in the four square style.  A four square home is known for its brick exterior, wide front porch, and dormer windows. Dormer windows are windows that jut out from the roof. They allow the builder to put a window in a room with a steep roof.

Another feature of the four square is the front door. Above the door is a small window called a transom. A transom could be opened to allow air to flow through the house. The door also had long windows on each side called sidelights.

The roofs on many homes during this time period were made of slate. Slate is a type of thin stone that is mined.  It is no longer used on roofs because it breaks easily and is expensive to repair.

This home was originally built in 1916 and owned by Dr. J. W. Renner.  Dr. Renner used it for both his home and his doctor’s office.

Later, the home was owned by Dr. J. W. Reason, another Hilliard doctor and also a school board member

Adapted by Bill Wheeler