Dr. Merryman House

(currently the Dougherty residence)

This house can be found at 5232 Norwich Street in Old Hilliard.  It is made of red bricks and is built in a style called Italianate. The Italianate style is known for its bay windows (three-part windows that bow out from the house) and porches with lots of fancy wood trim. The steep roofs of Italianate houses also have many peaks.

Near the house can be found several out buildings. (smaller buildings that were used by the owner for uses such as storage and outdoor cooking)

Dr. James M. Merryman had this house built in 1879. He was a well-known doctor in Hilliard. He had an office in Hilliard in the 1880s and 1890s. He also ran a drug store on Main Street.

Adapted by Bill Wheeler