Residential Building Types in Old Hilliard

Mid-19th Century One and One-half Story Cottage (c. 1853-1872)

One of the earliest building types in Old Hilliard is the one and one-half story cottage. 

They were built from 1853 to 1872. This simple, working class cottage is a typical house for a farming or railroad community. Several of these homes remain standing on Main Street in Old Hilliard. 

Typically, the houses are:

The gable usually faces the street. There may be a front porch. There is usually a window in the gable on the second floor. 

The houses are examples of “vernacular” architecture. This means they represent folk or working class architecture; they are plain buildings.

These houses are especially important because large numbers have survived as a building type in Old Hilliard.

Adapted by Betty Dangel