Westerweller Buildings

4009 and 4005 Main Street (Map No. 2 & 3)
(Hilliard TV and Adjacent Residence)

These two brick buildings on Main Street were built around 1860-65. 

They are a small brick cottage and a nearby brick store building.  John Westerweller, a farmer, used them.  Westerweller lived in the house.  He may have sold his farm produce or other products out of the store.  

In 1872, the local Masonic group added a second story to the store building. The second floor was used as a meeting hall. 

In 1903, the building was an early location for the Merchants and Farmers Bank. 

Architecturally, the two buildings complement each other. Their brick construction and round-headed windows go together. 

Over the years, the store building has had a new storefront and side addition. There have been no add-ons to the home.

Adapted by Betty Dangel